Principal's Message

“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all” - ARISTOTLE

Dear All, The golden years in school are not about lessons and homeworks but about growing and excelling in every way possible, to fit into the fast changing and fast progressing world. We are witnessing unparallel changes in every field, where there is struggle for existence, where the strongest and fittest is accepted and appreciated.

Vedavyasa Vidyalayam is dedicated to provide catalytic impulse to every child to stretch his inherent learning competencies through a self discovery process. We shape our children to be good at heart, rich in moral values, meticulous in thought, systematic in planning and smart in action.

We strive to endow the student with a platform, helping them to broaden their horizon and in the process provide them healthy refined, holistic and substantial education. We arm our students with technological supremacy and help them integrate it with values as we firmly believe that every child has the potential to achieve something significant. We mould our young impressionable minds into valuable assets of the society, precious gift of mankind, and pride of human race. Let your ward find his path at Vedavyasa Vidyalayam, live his life's journey unwrapping his destiny and feel extravagantly accomplished .

Shri. Jyotheesan Manthari