Our vision

To reinstate the patriotic values which help to infuse spiritualization in education for future generation, carefully crafted to develop visionary, articulate, and self reliant individuals to uphold the indigenous cultural heritage of our mother land which is quintessential to the world. International brotherhood, empathy, vigor and vitality being the pillars, every individual is developed with sensitivity and concern for environment, democracy, human rights, diversity and empathy to the deprived and less fortunate. It assures holistic development with life vision, scientific temper with great rationale, behavioral and social skill, and technological supremacy with contemporary relevance, which is intrinsic and complying with the philosophy of Bharatiya education, psyche and humanitarian values in life, essentially an ideal for the world to imbibe.

"A life should be purposeful apart from being successful. Only then the knowledge that a human being acquires becomes meaningful.”

Dr. Mohan Bhagwat

Our Mission

Vedavyasa Vidyalayam senior secondary school, affiliated to CBSE, Delhi, is a unit of Bharatiya Vidya Nikethan, the Kerala chapter of Vidyabharathi akhil Bharatiya shiksha sansthan, an all India organization engaged in the field of education. The mission of the institution is, to develop a national system of education which would help building a generation of young men and women who are committed to a life infused with patriotic fervor, physically, vitally, mentally, spiritually and intellectually fully developed, capable of successfully facing challenges of life, dedicated to the service of deprived and destitute. Education becomes meaningful when the knowledge gained is capable to liberate young minds from the shackles of social evils and injustice. New generation, with the right form of education should be the protector of nature and its resources, a guard and mentor of family, society and nation, and thus devoted to contribute oneself for a harmonious, prosperous and culturally rich nation.